Portland Cement Type 525-1


This cement is produced in accordance with Iranian National Standard No. 389 ISIRI and has the same chemical and physical specifications as Portland Cement Type 325-1. However, it has a minimum initial compressive strength (2 days) of 200 kilograms per square centimeter and a minimum final strength (28 days) of 525 kilograms per square centimeter.

This cement is used for the construction of concrete structures that require rapid formwork removal and concrete loading. In addition to its suitability for normal concrete casting, it has a special application for both regular and massive concrete casting in cold weather, where the concrete temperature needs to be maintained above 5 degrees Celsius.

Notice : Due to its rapid hardening, the hydration heat generated by this cement is higher. Therefore, it is not recommended for massive concrete casting in the summer season and hot weather. For normal concrete casting in hot weather, it is advisable to use it with caution while observing a maximum concrete temperature of 23 degrees Celsius..

Chemical And Physical Characteristics Of Portland Cement Type 525-1