Portland Cement Type 5

بDue to the low aluminate phase content (less than 5%), Portland Cement Type 5 has high resistance to sulfate ions in water and soil environments. According to the Iranian Concrete Code (ABAA), in environments with severe sulfate concentrations, the sulfate ion concentration exceeds 1200 ppm in aqueous environments and more than 5% by weight in soil environments. Therefore, according to this code, it is necessary to use Portland Cement Type 5 for all concrete structures exposed to water and soil. In any case, for highly severe sulfate environments with sulfate concentrations exceeding 2500 ppm in water and more than 1% in soil, Portland Cement Type 5 must be used.

 Note :Research has shown that concrete made with Type 5 cement is susceptible to environments containing chloride ions. Therefore, if the environment contains chloride ions along with sulfate ions, the use of this cement should be approached with caution and necessary tests should be conducted beforehand. The strength limits at 3, 7, and 28 days for this cement are lower than other Portland cements, so it has limitations in applications where higher strength is required.

Physical And Chemical Specifications Of Portland Cement Type 5