Portland Cement Type 2

This cement is produced in accordance with Iranian National Standard No. 389 ISIRI. Portland Cement Type 2 is used for the construction of concrete that requires moderate heat of hydration and moderate resistance to sulfate attack. Due to the limited presence of aluminate phases and a lower amount of tricalcium silicate phase in this cement, which gives rise to the aforementioned special properties, its initial and final compressive strength of mortar are lower than Portland Cement Type 1. This cement can be used in all types of concrete structures and is suitable for environments with moderate sulfate ion concentrations in water and soil. According to the Iranian Concrete Code “ABAA,” this refers to environments where the sulfate ion concentration is less than 1200 ppm in water and less than 0.1% in soil. It has extensive applications for concrete casting in relatively warm weather conditions where there is a risk of the concrete temperature exceeding 32 degrees Celsius for regular concrete and 15 degrees Celsius for massive concrete.

 Note: It is recommended to use this type of cement in environments containing simultaneous ions and chloride sulfates.

Physical and chemical specifications of Portland Cement Type 2