“Portland Cement Type 425-1:

   This cement is produced according to Iranian National Standard No. 389 ISIRI, with the chemical and physical specifications of Cement Type 325-1. However, it has a minimum initial compressive strength (2 days) of 100 kilograms per square centimeter and a minimum final strength (28 days) of 425 kilograms per square centimeter, with a maximum of 625 kilograms per square centimeter. It is considered a rapid-hardening cement and is suitable for all reinforced and non-reinforced concrete structures that require higher initial and final strength. It can be used in ordinary concrete, including columns, ceilings, slab stairs, structures that require quick formwork removal, and concrete casting in cold weather.

    Note: Due to its faster hardening, it is advisable to use this cement in tropical regions where there is a risk of concrete temperature exceeding 32 degrees Celsius and concrete casting at temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius

          physical and chemical properties of Portland Cement Type 425-1